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Press Release

Keep Your Home and Valuables Safe During Summer Travels



COLUMBUS — Before you pack your bags for a summer trip, Ohio Department of Insurance Director Froment is urging Ohioans to make sure they evaluate their insurance risk and needs to understand how their homeowners or renters insurance can protect them on the road as well as their home and its contents while away.
“Whether you’re leaving home for just a weekend getaway or an extended vacation, take the time to ensure you have adequate insurance protection,” Froment said. “Your insurance agent can be a great asset in answering your questions and helping you make potential coverage adjustments.”
Froment shared the following consumer protection insights:
Homeowners insurance when traveling
Typically, your homeowners insurance will follow you. Off-premises coverage means your belongings are insured anywhere in the world. If your belongings are stolen from your hotel room, your homeowners policy likely will provide protection, but the exact coverage depends on your policy. In addition to your deductible, expensive items such as jewelry will typically have a replacement limit.
Discourage break-ins and make your home look lived-in
Before you leave make your home a less enticing break-in target and look lived-in. It may even lower your insurance premium. Install deadbolts on doors and/or windows. Invest in an alarm system or motion-activated camera. Put interior lights on a timer or choose a few rooms to remain lit. Stop mail delivery or have a neighbor collect your mail, newspapers and packages. Have someone cut your grass if you'll be gone long.
Protect your home’s contents
Give a spare key to a neighbor or friend to have access to the home. Don’t put it under the mat. Store important documents and expensive items in a lockbox, safe, or at another location. Don't keep valuable documents in a personal desk or office. Keep your computer out of sight.
Wait to share on social media
Don't announce your trip. Talking about it in public or posting trip photos on social media while you’re away makes your home a break-in target.
Consumers with insurance questions can contact the Ohio Department of Insurance at 1-800-686-1526 and visit www.insurance.ohio.gov for information.


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