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Consumer Tips

Travel Insurance

Include Insurance Review When Vacation Planning

When planning for a vacation, Ohioans are encouraged to include an insurance review to ensure financial safeguards in place to protect against unexpected situations that could arise.

Travel insurance can fill a coverage gap but it may not be necessary for all trips

You may have some coverage from your life, health, auto, homeowners, or renters insurance policies that provide the protection you need. Discuss with your agent if your insurance is in-line with your travel risks. When deciding to purchase travel insurance, think what could go wrong before or during the trip, and determine if you can pay for associated expenses on your own.

There are different types of travel insurance

• Trip cancellation: Reimburses pre-paid travel expenses if you are prevented from taking your trip because you become ill or die.
• Travel medical: Reimburses medical and emergency dental expenses that you incur because of an illness or injury while you're traveling.
• Emergency medical evacuation/repatriation insurance: Provides emergency transportation to either a hospital in the geographic region where you are and/or transportation back to a hospital near your home.
• Accidental death/flight accident: Accidental death covers death or dismemberment at any time during a trip while air flight accident covers death or dismemberment during flight only.

Some credit card companies offer travel insurance if you pay for a related reservation with your card.

Trip cancellation coverage applies to events at home and the destination

Basic trip cancellation coverage is typically included in every comprehensive travel insurance policy. Coverage triggers may include:

• Unexpected illness or injury of you or a traveling companion that deems you unfit to travel, by order of physician.
• Hospitalization or death of non-traveling family member.
• Weather or airline issue.
• Unforeseen natural disaster at home or the destination.
• A legal obligation such as jury duty.

Your health insurance may not provide coverage abroad

Inquire with your health insurer or employer if your current coverage applies where you’re traveling. You will pay more if a medical provider outside of your plan’s network treats you.

Travel medical and major medical insurance policies provide protection if you become ill or injured while traveling. These plans help you cover medical expenses and find doctors, hospitals and even foreign-language services if you become ill or injured while traveling abroad. Find out if the policy requires you to obtain prior approval before seeking medical care and if there are any pre-existing medical conditions exclusion.

Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation may not apply to dangerous activities

Emergency evacuation insurance provides coverage for services such as air evacuation and medical transportation to the nearest adequate medical facility. Repatriation coverage means the travel insurance company will arrange and handle the transportation to return a covered person's body home or to a funeral facility. Coverage may not apply to dangerous activities such as scuba diving or sky diving.

Your homeowners and auto insurance may cover baggage loss and rental car damage

Homeowners or renters insurance may cover baggage or personal property damage when you’re traveling and your auto insurance may extend to a rental car. Always check the terms of your current policy and talk with your agent about coverage you may not need to accept from the rental car company. Using a credit card to rent the vehicle often includes benefits that provide additional coverage.

If you have questions about insurance, contact the Ohio Department of Insurance at 1-800-686-1526 and visit www.insurance.ohio.gov for information.

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