ODI Leadership
Jillian Froment
As the Director of the Ohio Department of Insurance, Jillian Froment serves as a member of Governor DeWine’s cabinet and is responsible for the overall leadership and direction of the department.
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Carrie Haughawout Picture
Carrie Haughawout
Deputy Director
Carrie Haughawout was named Deputy Director of the Ohio Department of Insurance in April 2017. Haughawout is responsible for leading policy development within the department and aligning regulatory oversight with department policy, in addition to assisting in the daily operations of the department and overseeing special projects.
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Tynesia Dorsey
Chief Administrative Officer and Director of Consumer Relations
Tynesia Dorsey was named Chief Administrative Officer of the Ohio Department of Insurance in September 2011. In this capacity, Dorsey oversees the operations of Fiscal, Human Resources, Information Technology and Security, and Project Management. Dorsey also serves as the agency’s Director of Consumer Relations.
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Amanda Baird Picture
Amanda Baird
General Counsel
Amanda Baird was named General Counsel for the Ohio Department of Insurance in March 2016. Baird is the Department’s top legal advisor and directs the agency’s legal services operations.
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Chris Brock
AD, Public Affairs
Chris Brock was named Assistant Director of Public Affairs for the Ohio Department of Insurance in April 2017. Brock is responsible for the Department’s Legislative and Communications efforts while also overseeing stake holder engagement for the agency.
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Michelle Rafeld Picture
Michelle Rafeld
AD, Fraud and Enforcement
Michelle Rafeld was named the Ohio Department of Insurance's Assistant Director of Fraud and Enforcement in 2007 and is responsible for overseeing the investigation of unlicensed insurance activity, agent misconduct and suspected insurance fraud.
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Dwight Radel
AD, Risk Assessment
Dwight Radel was named Assistant Director for Risk Assessment in February 2015 and is a key member of the Ohio Department of Insurance management team responsible for the financial regulation duties of approximately 1,700 insurers licensed to do business in Ohio to ensure they are financially compliant with Ohio insurance law.
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Jana Jarrett Picture
Jana Jarrett
AD, Consumer Affairs
Jana Jarrett was named the Ohio Department of Insurance’s Assistant Director of Consumer Affairs in April 2010 and oversees the Consumer Services Division as it assists consumers on the phone, through Internet communications, written correspondence and in one-on-one meetings. Other activities of the division include meeting insurance industry professionals and managing the Missing Life Policy Search program.
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Laura Miller
AD, Product Regulation and Actuarial Services
Laura Miller joined the Ohio Department of Insurance as Chief of the Product Regulation and Actuarial Services’ Life and Health section in July 2013. She was promoted to Assistant Director of Product Regulation and Actuarial Services in February 2015. Overseeing a complex operation, Miller is responsible for ensuring insurance company product and rate filings are compliant with applicable state and federal laws as well as Department rules and bulletins.
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Todd Oberholtzer Picture
Todd Oberholtzer
Regulatory Compliance Director
Todd Oberholtzer was named Regulatory Compliance Director for the Ohio Department of Insurance in February 2016. Oberholtzer focuses on market compliance issues overseeing both the Fraud and Enforcement and Market Conduct Divisions.
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Ohio Department of Insurance
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