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The mission of the Ohio Department of Insurance is to provide consumer protection through education and fair but vigilant regulation while promoting a stable and competitive environment for insurers. We offer you many ways to contact us. You can use the Contact Us form below, call one of our hotlines, or click on a category below to display information for specific ODI divisions. Contact us Monday - Friday, 8:00am EST - 5:00pm EST.
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Agent Licensing
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Consumer Services
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Director's Office
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Fraud and Enforcement
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Human Resources
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Information Tech/Security
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Legal Services
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Legislative Services
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Market Conduct
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Medicare Services
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Product Regulation
Actuarial Services
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Risk Assessment
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Surplus Lines & RPG/RRG
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Ohio Department of Insurance
50 W. Town Street, Third Floor - Suite 300
Columbus, Ohio  43215
Mike DeWine, Governor | Jillian Froment, Director
General Info: 614-644-2658 | Consumer Hotline: 800-686-1526
Fraud Hotline: 800-686-1527 | Medicare Hotline: 800-686-1578