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Dwight Radel

February 06, 2018 | About Us

Dwight Radel

Dwight Radel was named the Ohio Department of Insurance's Assistant Director of Risk Assessment in February 2015. He is a key member of the management team responsible for the financial solvency regulation duties of approximately 1,700 insurers licensed to do business in Ohio to ensure they are financially compliant with Ohio insurance law. 

Since joining the department in February 1986, Radel has experience examining insurance companies as an examiner and experience analyzing insurers as a financial analyst. He most recently served as the agency’s Chief Financial Analyst. Radel helped develop and implement enhancements to the department’s risk-focused surveillance process, improved the procedures, efficiency and quality in which the department’s financial analysis and examination units operate, and assisted in developing insurance laws, rules and regulations.

He serves as a member on several National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) working groups, which includes the Financial Analysis Solvency Tools Working Group, Financial Analysis Working Group, and Risk-Focused Surveillance Working Group. Radel chairs, as the Director’s designee, the NAIC Examination Oversight Task Force. He also volunteers on a group who has been tasked with updating the NAIC’s Accreditation Program Manual.

Radel is a 1985 graduate of the Ohio State University where he majored in finance. He is a member of the Society of Financial Examiners. Radel has earned professional designations of Certified Financial Examiner (CFE) and Professional in Insurance Regulation (PIR).