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Legal Services

Legal Services handles regulatory transactions, administers public hearings on agent and company license and enforcement issues, provides legal assistance to other Ohio Department of Insurance divisions and supervises litigation. Staff also review corporate transactions filed with the department.


The Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI) publishes bulletins to provide information or interpretations about insurance regulations. The bulletins are issued as the need arises to explain new regulations or discuss interpretations enforced by ODI.

Bulletins may have been superseded by a later bulletin or include outdated links or contact information. If you have a question regarding an older bulletin, please contact  Include the date and name of the bulletin in your e-mail.


​Legislation passed by the General Assembly may dictate that rules are to be promulgated by the director of the Ohio Department of Insurance. Rules may be in one of three categories:

  • Draft rules are defined as text that ODI staff are drafting and editing but have not yet been formally proposed for adoption by the Director.
  • Proposed rules are defined as rules that are filed with the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR), the Legislative Service Commission (LSC), and the Secretary of State. 
  • Final rules are defined as those that have completed the rules process, been adopted by the Director of the Ohio Department of Insurance, and are codified in the Ohio Administrative Code. 

Information Relative to Insurance Rules That Affect Ohio Consumers, Insurers and Agents

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Contact Legal Services at 614-644-2640 with questions relative to department rules.