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Surplus Lines Reporting Application

The Surplus Lines application allows insurance agents, agencies, and risk retention groups doing business in Ohio to file their Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI)-required surplus lines tax data online. Risk purchasing groups who issue policies with a surplus lines insurer or risk retention group are required to have the reporting done in the name of the agent or agency who sold the business.

Logging in the OH|ID

Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI) is transitioning to a new system to maintain and manage user accounts. This new system is a State of Ohio system (OH|ID) with access to many resources from various Ohio agencies. As such, some users will already have an account in this system. Users with an existing account can use that account or create a new one just for accessing ODI resources and applications. We will make every effort to maintain access to existing data previously saved in our applications.

When creating a new OH|ID account you have the option to choose your own user name in the new system, ODI recommends that you use the same email address you had in the old system. 

Visit the OH|ID Portal Help page for instructions on how to create a new OH|ID account, use your current account to access the Insurance Application Gateway, and additional information on how to contact ODI should you need assistance. 

Locating the Surplus Lines Reporting Application

If you currently have a Surplus Lines Reporting Application account and you have successfully logged in to the Insurance Application Gateway in OH|ID, your existing account will be automatically matched. If the automated matching and linking process are not successful, you will get a screen to request a manual match process. ODI staff will contact you to help with the process. 

For those who do not currently have a Surplus Lines Reporting account, it is important to note that only insurance agents, agencies, and risk retention groups filing their surplus lines tax data should access this application and meet the following criteria:

  • You are or you represent a licensed insurance agent, agency, or a registered risk retention group that does business in Ohio.
  • You are required to file surplus lines or non-admitted premium taxes in Ohio. 

For any questions, please review the Surplus Lines and Risk Retention Group Application User Guide.

Contact Information

For questions about your surplus lines or non-admitted premium tax filings, please email surplus.lines@insurance.ohio.gov or call 614-644-2635.