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Background Check

Ohio Revised Code 3905.051 requires all individuals applying for a resident insurance license or RDA for a travel business entity issued by the Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI) to submit fingerprints for a criminal records check completed by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification (BCI) and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).   The results of both criminal records checks must be sent directly to ODI from BCI or FBI. Results not received directly by BCI or FBI will not be accepted.

To complete a criminal background check, applicants must use "National" WebCheck, a web-based fingerprinting technology that processes background checks electronically. By law, ODI cannot complete the processing of an applicant’s application until it receives the criminal background check report from both BCI and FBI.

Criminal Background Check Instructions

  1. Request a criminal records check from a WebCheck vendor that participates in "National WebCheck"  ​
  2. Pay the criminal records check fee directly to the National WebCheck vendor 
  3. Indicate the reason fingerprinting as "Required for Licensure/Permit, Insurance Lic. or ORC 3905.051"   (If requested, list the agency code as BQE445)
  4. Request the criminal background check results be sent to ODI: 
    • ​For ODI to receive an electronic result from BCI and FBI, request delivery option as "Direct Copy to Ohio Department of Insurance
    • For ODI to receive a mailed result from BCI and FBI, request delivery option as "Bill to–Send" to and choose the Ohio Department of Insurance, 50 West Town Street, Third Floor - Suite 300, Columbus, OH, 43215. 

List of National WebCheck Vendors

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who needs to obtain a BCI and FBI criminal records check in order to obtain an Ohio Resident insurance license?

Any individual applying for an Ohio resident Major Line of Authority (Life, Accident & Health, Property, Casualty, Personal Lines or Variable), Limited Line of Authority (Crop, Credit, Funeral Expense, Rental Car, or Travel), Surplus Lines, Title, Title Insurance Marketing Representative and Viatical Settlement Broker. 

2. I recently had a BCI and FBI criminal records check completed for another purpose. Can I use those results to meet the Ohio Department of Insurance's requirements?

No. The law requires that an applicant state the purpose of the records check.  The results of the completed records check may not be shared and may only be submitted to the agency or department in which the request was made. 

3. What happens if I have a criminal history reported to the department?

The results of the criminal background check will be reviewed by the license division.  If the offense(s) identified in the report needs further review, the department's legal division will determine if the offenses potentially make you ineligible for licensure in Ohio.  If the department determines that a license should not be issued, the applicant will be offered an opportunity of a hearing to discuss the matter with the department.

4. Will I have to submit a criminal records check to renew my license every two years?

No. The records check requirement does not apply to the biennial renewal process or to non-resident applicants.

5. How much does a criminal background check cost?

BCI charges $22.00 and the FBI charges $25.25.  The National WebCheck vendor providing the criminal background check service will also charge a fee for conducting the records check. The department has written agreements with the National WebCheck vendors listed at the bottom of this page. Part of the agreement with these National WebCheck vendors indicates that they will not charge more than $72.25 for the criminal background check which includes the combination of BCI check, FBI check & vendor service fee.)

6. Where do I get my national criminal background check?

Individuals may use any National WebCheck vendor authorized by BCI.  A list of all WebCheck vendors in Ohio is available at Ohio WebCheck Locations. Not all WebCheck vendors offer both the state and federal background checks, so make sure the vendor you select offers both. 

7. How do I complete a criminal background check if I don't live in Ohio?

Contact BCI at 877-224-0043 for the required fingerprint cards to be mailed to your address.  

8. Can I have my background check completed at one of the PSI Services LLC test centers?

Yes. PSI Services LLC test centers provide onsite fingerprinting services.   For a listing of locations please visit www.Fastfingerprints.com.  Payment of $72.25 will be required at the PSI Test Center at the time of fingerprinting.  Acceptable forms of payment are VISA or MasterCard.  Cash, check or money orders will not be accepted.