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Annual Report - Ohio Health Insurance Business

The Annual Report of Ohio Health Insurance Business is an annual health insurance report required by the Ohio Department of Insurance. 

This report allows insurance companies doing business in Ohio to file their Ohio Department of Insurance-required health insurance business data online and is due by April 1st of each year, or the first business day after if it falls on a Saturday or Sunday. Annual e-mail notifications are sent by early March to the Market Conduct contact for companies licensed and writing or administrating Health Insurance business in Ohio.

The filing application is opened for submission on or around March 5th of each year.

Logging into OH|ID

What is OH|ID?

Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI) has transitioned to a new system to maintain and manage user accounts. This new system is a State of Ohio system (OH|ID) with access to many resources from various Ohio agencies. As such, some users will already have an account in this system. Users with an existing account can use that account or create a new one just for accessing ODI resources and applications. We will make every effort to maintain access to existing data previously saved in our applications.

To access and submit a filing through the Annual Report of Ohio Health Insurance Business application, the company's staff member(s) who will submit the filing must have an OH|ID account.

Creating an OH|ID Account

When creating a new OH|ID account you have the option to choose your own user name in the new system, ODI recommends that you use the same email address you had in the old system. 

Visit the OH|ID Portal Help page for instructions on how to create a new OH|ID account, use your current account to access the Insurance Application Gateway, and additional information on how to contact ODI should you need assistance. 

Annual Report of Ohio Health Insurance Business

Purpose of Report

This report provides statistical information regarding health insurance coverage for Ohio citizens. 

Who Should Use This Application

Only insurance companies reporting their health insurance business data should access this application. All licensed companies writing health insurance business in Ohio are required to file this report.

Locating the Annual Report of Ohio Health Insurance Business Application

If you currently have an Annual Report of Ohio Health Insurance Business account and you have successfully logged in to the Insurance Application Gateway in OH|ID, your existing account will be automatically matched. If the automated matching and linking process are not successful, you will get a screen to request a manual match process. ODI staff will contact you to help with the process. 

For those who do not currently have an Annual Report of Ohio Health Insurance Business account, it is important to note that in order to receive a new account, you must represent an insurance company that writes health insurance in Ohio.  

You must create an OH|ID account for this application and once approved, you will need to request access to the Annual Report of Ohio Health Insurance Business application. After requesting and being approved for an Annual Report of Ohio Health Insurance Business application, you will need to affiliate your account with the company or companies for which you report. Please see the documentation that was emailed to your company for more information.

General Instructions

When completing this report, report only Ohio health insurance business. Data should reflect the reporting period of January 1st through December 31st. Read all of the information in the help file carefully before completing this report. The “Type of Business” definitions provided are specific to this report. Please note that only the “Types of Business” applicable to the company need to be completed, there is no need to enter zeros for other “Types of Business”.
After completing all “Types of Business” applicable to the company, there are 4 additional sections that must be completed by all companies before submitting the final report:

  • Aggregate Administrative Expense and Open Enrollment Data
  • Company Statement 
  • Health Plan Benefit Specific Information
  • Subrogation Recoveries 

Data is validated against the Direct Earned Premium and Direct Claims Incurred reported on the company’s annual statement. All discrepancies will be displayed and require correction and re-submission or a detailed explanation of any differences. An automated e-mail confirmation will be sent to the contact person confirming that the report was submitted successfully. If an e-mail confirmation is not received, either all links have not been completed properly or the dollar amounts do not balance with the annual statement data reported by the company.

  • Annual Report of Ohio Health Insurance Business: Instructions

Contact Information

Contact Market Conduct

For questions about your Annual Report of Ohio Health Insurance Business filings, or if you need assistance with your account information, please email MKD.HealthAR@insurance.ohio.gov.