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Market Conduct Annual Statement (MCAS)

Market Conduct Annual Statement (MCAS)

Ohio would like to thank the companies for participating in the Market Conduct Annual Statement (MCAS) project and for providing the Ohio Department of Insurance with claims and underwriting data.

The links below will display the Ohio statewide average ratios for the MCAS. These statewide averages are for informational purposes only and do not represent standards for market behavior and this information does not establish compliance or non-compliance. The department will use this data as a part of its ongoing analysis and monitoring of the State market. The department intends to keep company-specific analysis and data confidential to the extent permitted by state law.

This information may not be used in any form of company advertising or marketing.

During our analysis, multiple processes were utilized to ensure the integrity of the data. Also, categories were developed to help us gauge your company’s claim payment and underwriting performance in comparison to others in the industry. The analysis categories were based on different ratios that were developed using the company’s MCAS data.

In order to compare your company’s results to these statewide average ratios, you can obtain the ratios based on your company’s MCAS data from the database that was used for the MCAS filing process. Along with statewide average ratios for each category, a chart indicating the number of reporting companies whose ratios fall within various ranges is also presented to show how your company’s results compare with the other reporting companies in the state of Ohio. Comparing your company’s results in this way should enable you to draw some comparisons between your company’s performance and the aggregate market in Ohio.

The MCAS website at naic.org contains related information including the MCAS data calls, a list of the current participating states and contacts, minimum thresholds, company databases, helpful tips and answers to frequently asked questions, meeting notices, exposure drafts, and other committee documentation. The NAIC has also made an interactive MCAS Dashboard available on their website. This new dashboard displays Market Conduct Annual Statement (MCAS) scorecard data and state MCAS contact information.

Disability Income

*2019 first reporting year


*2018 first reporting year

Lender-Placed Home and Auto

*2018 first reporting year

Life and Annuity Companies

Life Insurance Report Cards

Annuity Insurance Report Cards

Long-Term Care Companies

Long-term Care Insurance Report Cards

Property and Casualty Companies

Homeowner Report Cards

Private Passenger Auto Report Cards