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Unauthorized Assuming Reinsurer Lists

Unauthorized Assuming Reinsurer Lists

Allowed credit for reinsurance under ORC 3901.62.

(A)(2) - Accredited Reinsurer List
(A)(4) - Trusteed Reinsurer List
(A)(5) - Certified Reinsurer List
(A)(6) - Reciprocal Jurisdiction Reinsurer List
(D)(3) - List of Qualified Jurisdictions
(E)(2) - List of Reciprocal Jurisdictions

Unauthorized Assuming Reinsurer Applications

(A)(6) - Reciprocal Jurisdiction Reinsurer Application

Below are applications for Certified Reinsurer received and posted within the last 30 days. Members of the public may respond to this notice by email at risk.assessment@insurance.ohio.gov.