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Ohio Health Insurance Market

This chart offers a breakdown of Ohio’s health insurance market and different types of plans providing coverage to Ohioans. Most health insurance is Ohio is not regulated by the Ohio Department of Insurance.

As you look at the chart, the plans in yellow are Medicaid plans and are overseen by the Ohio Department of Medicaid. The orange section represents Medicare plans and those are overseen by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS). Self-insured plans are in green. Self-insured plans represent coverage in which a company is large enough to provide benefits and pay their employee’s claims on their own without an insurance company. Then there is a small section of the chart which represents the uninsured population in Ohio.

Finally, you are left with the plans regulated by the Ohio Department of Insurance. These are health insurance plans for large and small businesses as well as individual plans. These are the plans we regulate and oversee.