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Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance

Find information regarding long-term care insurance such as:

  • What is Long-Term Care & Who May Need it?
  • How Much Does Long-Term Care Cost & Who Pays?
  • What’s New in Long-Term Care?
  • Where Can I Get Help on Long-Term Care Issues?
  • Do You Need Long-Term Care?
  • Self-Check of Health & Wealth
  • How Can I Buy Long-Term Care Insurance?
  • Buying is Not an Easy Decision
  • Medicaid & Long-Term Care
  • Medicaid & Estate Recovery
  • Ohio's Long-Term Care Partnership Program
  • Long-Term Care Benefits: What's Covered?
  • What Factors Affect Your Premium?
  • Protecting Your Benefits
  • Bells & Whistles: Additional Features
  • Exclusions: What’s Not Covered?
  • Benefit Triggers: When Benefits Start
  • Tax Qualified Policies
  • Replacing an Older Long-Term Care Policy
  • Consumer Protections
  • Long-Term Care Insurance Shopping Tips
  • Self-Assessment: a Financial Inventory
  • Sample Policy Checklist
  • Planning for Long-Term Care Costs: Other Options