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Consumer services representatives assist Ohio insurance consumers through its toll-free hotline, educational materials, social media, community outreach and meeting one-on-one. Representatives respond to a wide variety of insurance inquiries and investigate insurance complaints against companies and agents.

If you would like to request public records from the Ohio Department of Insurance, please visit the website and complete the electronic form. Note - A requester of public records does not have to make a written request, does not have to provide his or her identity and does not have to provide the intended use of the requested public records. The department may charge $.10 per page for copying records and there might be cases where some records are not available due to state retention schedules. If you prefer not to make a written request or if you have any questions, please contact the department at 614-728-1384.

Visit the Ohio Department of Insurance's Consumer Complaint Center to find information on how to file various types of insurance complaints.