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The Ohio Department of Insurance is responsible for the oversight and regulation of insurance companies, agents and agencies. Dedicated public servants work to assure that companies maintain their financial solvency to pay claims and to foster a balanced, competitive insurance market that benefits Ohioans in the form of lower insurance rates. The work is conducted through several offices.
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Risk Assessment
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Product Regulation
Actuarial Services
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Market Conduct
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Surplus Lines and RPG/RRG
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Captive Insurance
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Fiscal Services
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Top Company Links
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Contact Information
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Ohio Department of Insurance
50 W. Town Street, Third Floor - Suite 300
Columbus, Ohio  43215
Mike DeWine, Governor | Jillian Froment, Director
General Info: 614-644-2658 | Consumer Hotline: 800-686-1526
Fraud Hotline: 800-686-1527 | Medicare Hotline: 800-686-1578