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Re-insurance Intermediary
Re-insurance Intermediary

Reinsurance Intermediary-Broker: means any person, other than an officer or employee of the ceding insurer, firm, association, or corporation that solicits, negotiates, or places reinsurance cessions or retrocessions on behalf of a ceding insurer without the authority or power to bind reinsurance on behalf of that insurer.

Reinsurance Intermediary-Manager: means any person, firm, association, or corporation that has authority to bind, or manages all or part of the assumed reinsurance business of, a reinsurer (including the management of a separate division, department, or underwriting office) and acts as an agent for the reinsurer whether known as a reinsurance intermediary-manager, manager, or other similar term.

Reinsurance Intermediary licenses expire annually on December 31st.

Individual Reinsurance Intermediary Applications:

Business Entity Reinsurance Intermediary Applications:

Additional Information:

  • Please note that the department has not promulgated a rule to accept licenses issued by another state.  If your company is doing business in Ohio it is required to have an Ohio license.
  • ORC: 3905.81
  • OAC: 3901-3-09