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2019 Five-Year Review
2019 Five-Year Review

Below are rules scheduled to review as part of the 5-year rule review process. This is not the exclusive listing of rules that the department could potentially seek to change, but are those that fall within the 5-year rule review. The department welcomes comment on the rules listed below. You can submit your comments by emailing ecomment@insurance.ohio.gov. Thank you for taking the time to review and/or comment on these rules.

Important dates for the 2019 5-year rule review rules that were amended:

  • Public Rule Hearing
    • Date: September 30, 2019
    • Time: 9:00am 
    • Location: Ohio Department of Insurance, 50 West Town Street, Suite 300, Room 601, Columbus, Ohio 43215
  • JCARR Meeting October 28, 2019 (Date subject to change, please go to JCARR site for up to date information)
  • Final File Date: November 4, 2019
  • Effective Date: November 14, 2019
  • Next Review Date: August 29, 2024
3901-1-01 Public notice of publication. No change
3901-1-05 Insider trading - instructions and forms. Amend
3901-1-64 Medical liability data collection. No change
3901-1-65 Medical malpractice annual filing requirements.  No change
3901-2-01 Application of Chapter 3901-2 of the Administrative Code.  Amend
3901-2-02 Definitions. No change
3901-2-03 Solicitations to which Chapter 3901-2 of the Administrative Code applies. No change
3901-2-04 Information to be furnished security holders. No change
3901-2-05 Requirements as to proxy. No change
3901-2-06 Presentation of information in proxy statement. No change
3901-2-07 Materials required to be filed. No change
3901-2-08 Mailing communications for security holders. Amend
3901-2-09 ​Proposals of security holders. No change
3901-2-10 ​False or misleading statements. No change
3901-2-11 Prohibition of certain solicitations. No change
3901-2-12 Special provisions applicable to election contests. No change
3901-2-13 Information to be contained in proxy statement. Amend
3901-2-14 ​Information to be included in statements files by or on behalf of a participant (other than the issuer) in a proxy solicitation in an election contest. No change
3901-2-15 ​Information required in information statement. No change
3901-3-05 Valuation of investments. No change
3901-3-12 Derivative use plan. No change
3901-3-18 NAIC manuals. Amend
3901-5-01 Agent continuing education. Amend
3901-5-02 Continuing education provider. Amend
3901-5-03 Continuing education course. Amend
3901-5-04 Continuing education market practices/audit. Amend
3901-5-05 ​Agent education violations. Amend
3901-5-06 Agent education fees. No change
3901-5-07 ​Regulation of agent pre-licensing education. Amend
3901-5-09 Agent licensing and appointments. Amend
3901-8-04 Accreditation of independent review organization. Amend
3901-8-10 Notice of public hearing on rates for individual sickness and accident insurance. No change
3901-8-12 Open enrollment. Amend
3901-11-01 ​Captive insurance company application. No change
3901-11-02 Additional capital and surplus required. No change
3901-11-03 Auditor appointment, audited financial statements, actuarial opinion, and annual statements. Amend
3901-11-04 Notification of materially misstated financial condition. No change
3901-11-05 Special purpose financial captive alternative reserve methodologies. No change
3901-11-06 Capital and surplus requirements for life insurance companies ceding to special purpose financial captive insurance company and for special purpose financial captive insurance companies. No change