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Paperwork Penalty Waiver
Paperwork Penalty Waiver

Pursuant to Executive Order 2008‐04S, the Department of Insurance will when applicable, waive penalties for the first time or isolated paperwork or procedural noncompliance. 
In February of 2008, Governor Strickland signed Executive Order 2008‐04s, which  sets out his plan for “Common Sense Business Regulation.”  The plan provides for guidelines and requirements to Ohio’s executive Agencies in order to assure that a cooperative approach to business regulation is followed. 
One component of that plan is Section 5(f) of the Order.  The relevant portion of  which provides: ”Agencies should when appropriate, waive penalties for the first  time or isolated paperwork or procedural regulatory noncompliance.” 
The Department of insurance has and will continue to endorse the policies contained within Executive Order 2008‐04S, including the waiver of first-time paperwork violations.