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ACA Compliant Student Blanket Health Plans
ACA Compliant Student Blanket Health Plans

The following guidance provides content along with filing requirements and processes for ACA compliant student blanket health plans. This guidance is not exhaustive. Health plan issuers are responsible to review and comply with all applicable state and federal law. 

Form Filings

  • The department has developed filing guidance to assist in the development and submission of form filings. The guidance provides detailed filing instructions and information about product design and document development.  Please review the guidance carefully. Following the instructions provided in the guidance will ensure that department staff can review form filings in a timely manner.  Department staff are always available to discuss and answer questions.
  • Form filings are to include a fully completed form filing checklist, Essential Health Benefit (EHB) Locator Worksheet, EHB Rx Worksheet, and Flesch Score certification. These documents are provided in SERFF and can also be accessed through the links below.
  • The form filing checklist documents the location of selected state and federal requirements within the forms.  The checklist is not exhaustive; review of all applicable law is required.

Rate Filings