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UPDATED - General Information for Risk Retention Groups
UPDATED - General Information for Risk Retention Groups

Prior to a Risk Retention Group (RRG) writing business in Ohio a completed NAIC Risk Retention Group Registration Form must be submitted along with a certified copy of the RRG’s Board Resolution for appointment and designation of service of suit.

RRGs should consult the ORC 3960.06-3960.09 prior to submitting their registration. Ohio does not charge a fee for registering a RRG. Upon registration the RRG will receive an acknowledgement letter. If there is any change made in the original registration information, the change must be reported to the department at the address displayed above within ten (10) days of the change.

RRGs are required to file a detail report of all business written in Ohio by March 31 using the On-Line Surplus Lines & Risk Retention Groups Reporting Application. Instructions for using the application can be found on the links listed below. A copy of these instructions will accompany the acknowledgement letter.

By March 31st of each year taxes are due. The tax rate is 5%. The Surplus Lines Premium Tax Summary form (INS 4001) and check are to be mailed to the Office of the Treasurer.

Registered RRGs are required to file quarterly statements, annual statements (to include the Actuarial Opinion and MD&A), and the annual statutory audit report electronically with the NAIC for inclusion in its database. If the RRG is NOT required by their state of domicile to file electronically, then they must send the hard copy of each to: 

Ohio Department of Insurance
Office of Product Regulation and Actuarial Services
50 W. Town Street, Suite 300
Columbus, OH 43215-1067

RRGs are required to include on their applications and declarations pages a notice to policyholders informing them that policies issued by RRGs are not eligible for inclusion in the Ohio Guaranty Fund. Such notice must comply with the requirements in Ohio Revised Code 3960.04 (A).
This policy is issued by your risk retention group. Your risk retention group may not be subject to all of the insurance laws and regulations of your state. State insurance insolvency guaranty funds are not available for your risk retention group.
For more information or questions regarding RRGs contact Property and Casualty Services at the Ohio Department of Insurance at 614-644-2635 or surplus.lines@insurance.ohio.gov​.