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Surplus Lines FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Surplus Lines, an alternative to traditional insurance that enables businesses to control and customize their insurance program in a manner that is responsive to their financial objectives

Application for licensure as an authorized admitted insurance company requires a separate application process, generally following the NAIC Uniform Certificate of Authority Application process. Please follow the link to Company Admission Applications—Uniform Certificate of Authority Application for additional information on filing an application to become an admitted insurance company in Ohio.

The ODI Gateway accounts are now person-based. The account will now be created by, and in the name of, the person responsible for entering or uploading the surplus lines and risk retention group premium and tax data. The person who creates the account and inserts or uploads the data can be, but will often not be, a surplus lines agent. 

As the ODI Gateway account holder for the Surplus Lines reporting application, you will then request affiliations.  When requesting affiliations, you are advising the Department as to the identity of all surplus lines agents, agencies, or risk retention groups of which you are tasked with entering or uploading surplus lines and risk retention group premium and tax information on behalf of. All entity affiliations are approved by ODI.

The first step is to create your ODI Gateway user account requesting access to the Surplus Lines Reporting Application. After your user account has been created, you can request affiliations for the agents, agencies, or risk retention groups for which you will enter or upload data.
If you already have an ODI Gateway account, you do not need a new account. Simply request access to SLTAX to upgrade your existing account. Instructions can be found here.

Visit the Surplus Lines division, and click on General Information for Surplus Lines Agents. Information and additional resources for Surplus Lines agents and brokers is available.