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Jillian Froment
February 06, 2018 | About Us

Jillian Froment

Jillian Froment was appointed Director of the Ohio Department of Insurance in 2017 by Ohio Governor John R. Kasich. She serves as a member of the Governor’s cabinet and is responsible for the overall leadership and direction of the Department of Insurance.

Froment joined the department in 2011 as Chief Administrative Officer and was soon elevated to Deputy Director. Beyond her daily operational responsibilities for the department, Froment was responsible for managing a taskforce of Ohio insurance CEOs to review and implement improvements to Ohio’s regulatory environment and to create a robust workforce for Ohio’s insurance industry. Through these efforts she worked to benefit Ohio consumers by removing regulatory barriers that needlessly drive up the cost of insurance while also strengthening meaningful consumer protections.

Froment also represents Ohio through her leadership role as a member of the Executive Committee at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), which establishes industry standards for all 50 states. She is currently serving as Chair of the Life Insurance and Annuities Committee and as a member of the Property and Casualty Insurance Committee and the Innovation and Technology Task Force. Additionally, she is a member of the Federal Advisory Council on Insurance and a steering committee member for the EU-US Insurance Dialogue Project.

Froment has more than 15 years of public sector and executive experience with a reputation for streamlining organizations and realizing operational efficiencies. She came to the Department from the City of Marysville where she was the City Administrator and responsible for the smooth and efficient management of municipal services and more than 150 employees. Under her leadership, the city developed a culture of active community engagement, strategic planning and fiscal responsibility.
Froment holds the distinction of being the first Executive Director for the eTech Ohio Commission, an agency created under her leadership to consolidate the state's investment in the telecommunications networks used by Ohio's public broadcasters and the K-12 community. While at eTech Ohio, Froment worked to advance education and accelerate the learning of Ohioans through technology. She has also served as the Assistant Deputy Director and General Counsel in the Office of Collective Bargaining and as a compliance officer for the Ohio Department of Youth Services.

Froment earned a Juris Doctorate from Capital University and a Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering from The Ohio State University..