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Contract and Credentialing Application
Contract and Credentialing Application

Health providers are legally allowed to file complaints for possible violations of contracts they have with insurance companies or to lodge a complaint concerning their credentialing by an insurance company. (For provider complaints other than contract/credentialing, please click here.) This application facilitates communication between the health provider and the insurance company and manages the contract & credentialing complaint process.

Who Should Use This Application

Please note, the security model for this application has changed. More information is in the following links. Click the link for the type of access that pertains to you.

Health providers wishing to file a contract/credentialing complaint and health insurance companies responding to a contract/credentialing complaint should access this application.

Login Link

If you already have an account, please click here to log in to the Contract & Credentialing application.

Password Help

Please click here if you know your user id but have forgotten your password.

Do You Need An Account?

If you have an account for the Provider Complaints, you may simply need to request access to Contract & Credentialing for your existing account. Please click here for instructions on how to upgrade your account.

Users of this application create their own account for this application. Click here to create a new account.

Contact Information

For questions about the Contract & Credentialing application or if you need assistance with your account information, please email provider.complaint@insurance.ohio.gov. ​​