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EPAY - Electronic ACH Payment & Invoice Viewing System
EPAY - Electronic ACH Payment & Invoice Viewing System

The EPAY application allows insurance agents, agencies, companies, and others doing business with the Department of Insurance (ODI), to view and/or pay their invoices online.

Please Bookmark This Page

If you have the previous EPAY logon screen bookmarked, you will need to change your bookmark. ODI recommends you bookmark the page you are now looking at, as the old login page will not work; however this page will remain at this location with links to the new application.

You are now able to create an account for the EPAY system to view your invoice(s) and/or pay electronically using ACH. It is NOT mandatory that you pay your invoices online. You may still send a check or money order in payment of your invoices; however, the State of Ohio Treasurer does not accept counter or starter checks..

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. You may benefit from reviewing these topics to see if your specific situation is represented. To help you quickly search for a question, the questions are underlined and in order of where in the process you might encounter the issue.

1. In the old EPAY system, I had one account for each company I pay invoices for. Will I need to create a separate account for each company in the new system?

No. Just create one account and request an affiliation for each company for which you pay invoices.

2. I created my account, but I don't know my username. What is it?

A confirmation number will be displayed on the screen after entering the information identifying yourself. You will also receive an email with your confirmation number and a link to confirm your account and complete the account creation process. After confirming your account by clicking on the link and entering the information asked for, your username will be displayed on the screen. Please write down your username and keep it handy. If you are still having trouble, send an email to the email address in the Contact Information below. Include the confirmation number as well as your full name and a description of the problem you are having.

3. How will I get my password?

You create your password. After you complete the personally-identifying information section, you will receive an email at the address you supplied. In this email will be a link to complete the account creation process. Click that link and supply the information requested. This is the step where you create your password. Pay particular attention to the password requirements. If you write your password down, keep it in a place separate from your username for security purposes.

4. I completed the account creation process by entering my password, yet I can't get logged in.

Keep in mind that you may lock your account for a period of time if you fail to successfully get logged in. This is a security measure. Please review any message displayed on the screen. If you would like to reset your password, please see the Password Help section below. If, after creating a new password, you still can't log in, please contact ODI using the Contact Information section below. For security reasons, NO ONE at ODI can see your password or provide it to you.

5. How do I request additional affiliations?

Log in using your account information then click the "Request Additional Affiliation" button. You will be prompted to search for an organization or an individual. Select organization. On the next screen enter the NAIC number for the company you wish to be affiliated with then click the "Search" button.  (If you enter a company name, place an asterisk at the end. Example: If you want to find "My Insurance Company", you can enter "My Ins*" - without the quotes - if you aren't sure of the full company name.) You will be presented with a list of matching companies. Click the blue arrow button in the Action column (select the company with an NAIC number if there are more than one in the list of results). Complete these steps for each additional affiliation you wish to request.

6. I have requested my initial (or additional) affiliations, yet the only entry in my list of Payer Affiliations is "Yourself". Where are my affiliations?

Please allow ODI at least one hour to approve your affiliation(s). This is a manual process. You can verify that your request has been received by looking at the table near the bottom of the screen titled Payer Affiliation Requests. If you have requested affiliations that are in neither table, refresh your screen. If, after refreshing your screen, you still don't see your requested affiliations, please make another request.

7. I am logged in and I see my affiliations, but where are the invoices?

Just click the icon of a sheet of paper with a magnifying glass over it (in the Action column of the table) that is on the same line as the company for which you wish to view/pay invoices. This will return a list of invoices for that company. From here, you can view, print and/or pay your invoices.

8. I have paid some invoices, but the ones I paid have dropped off the list. Where can I find them?

Near the top left of the screen (just below the Home button and just above "Payer Profile") you will see two links.  One is called Payer Profile and it will return you to the screen showing your active and requested affiliations. The second link, called Find Invoice, will take you to a new screen after clicking it. On this new screen, you can enter information to help us identify the invoice(s) you are looking for. Entering the invoice number is the best option. Then click the Find Invoices button. Select the invoice from the list of matching results.

Who Should Use This Application

Only insurance agents, agencies, companies, or others who have received or expect to receive an invoice from ODI, and wish to view and/or pay the invoice online.

Login Link

Please click here to login.

Password Help

Please click here if you have forgotten your user id or password, or you are experiencing another logging in problem.

Do You Need An Account?

Please follow the instructions in this document explaining how to create an account. Click this link to access the account creation page.

Contact Information

For questions about your EPAY account, or if you need assistance with your account information, review the Frequently Asked Questions above.  If your issue still is not resolved after reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions, then please email accounts.receivable@insurance.ohio.gov.