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Missing Life Policy Search Tool
Missing Life Policy Search Tool

The Ohio Department of Insurance’s missing life insurance policy search service assists Ohio residents, and the families of deceased Ohio residents, in locating lost insurance policies that were purchased in the state. The search identifies the existence of any life insurance policies or annuity contracts that were purchased in Ohio and issued on the life of, or owned by, a deceased person.

ATTENTION - December requests are available through the Gateway until February 1, 2020. Effective January 1, 2020 all new requests will be directed to the NAIC Life Insurance Policy Locator Service.

Who Should Use This Application

Authorized company contacts that need to access the database to review the search requests submitted.

Login Link

Please click here to log in to the Application Gateway to access the Missing Life database.

If you are no longer your company’s designated contact person, please click here for instructions on how to change the contact information so that you will no longer receive monthly requests and your company’s new (replacement) contact person will instead begin receiving them.

User ID/Password Help

Please click here if you have forgotten your user id or password or you are experiencing another logging in problem. If you currently have an account, and have not set up your Gateway security question, please click here for instructions on setting your security question.

Do You Need An Account?

Users of this application create their own account for this application. Click here to create a new account.

Contact Information

For questions about the Missing Life Insurance Request Service, please email Missing.Life@insurance.ohio.gov or call the Department’s Consumer Services Division at (800) 686-1526.