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Premium Taxes Application
Premium Taxes Application

The Premium Tax Filings / Forms application allows licensed, admitted insurance companies doing business in Ohio to file their required tax forms online with the Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI). Online filing saves companies and ODI time and expenses by automating the processing of these tax forms and giving ODI employees quick access to the tax information needed to fulfill the requirements of Ohio's laws.

Who Should Use This Application

Only  licensed, admitted insurance companies filing their premium tax forms should access this application. Non-admitted surplus lines insurers, risk retention groups and risk purchasing groups click here.


Please click here to log in to the Premium Taxes application.

Password Help

Please click here if you know your User ID but have forgotten your password. If you are unable to successfully answer one of the challenge questions, please see the Contact Information section below.

User ID Help

Each licensed insurance company treasurer was mailed a User ID and password at the time the online premium tax filing system went into effect several years ago. An account is automatically created for each newly-licensed insurance company and the User ID and password are mailed to the company treasurer in January of the year the first tax return is due. The company treasurer is responsible for security of the company's online account by controlling the User ID and password. Once a User ID is assigned to a company, it never changes.

If the system does not recognize your User ID, you are most likely using a User ID from another online system. You cannot create your own User ID for this system. Please check with your treasurer to verify your User ID. If you are unable to verify your User ID, please follow the steps in the Contact Information section below.

Do You Need An Account?

ODI approves and creates accounts for this application. There is no other way to get an account for this application.  In order to receive a new account you must meet the following criteria:

  • You represent an insurance company that does business in Ohio.
  • You are. required to file premium tax forms in Ohio.
  • Your company does not already have an account for this application. (Please contact your company's treasurer's office for more information.)
  • You are the company treasurer or are authorized to act on behalf of the company treasurer

If you meet all the conditions described above, please use the contact email In the Contact Information section below.

Contact Information

For questions about your premium tax filings or if you need assistance with your account information, the preferred method of contact it to send an email to taxes@insurance.ohio.gov. This email box is generally monitored by multiple individuals from at least 8:00 AM through 6:00 PM Eastern Standard time, Monday through Friday during tax season. You should usually receive a response within a few minutes. Please do not attempt to contact ODI via telephone regarding your Premium Tax application User ID or password as this will only slow down our response time and you will be directed to send an email to the taxes email address. Voicemail messages left regarding premium taxes are given a low priority due to workload during tax season and can take several hours for us to return your call.