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Secure File Transfer Application
Secure File Transfer Application

The Secure File Transfer application is designed to provide an avenue for exchanging secure files between the Ohio Department of Insurance and people and/or organizations that do not share a common network.

Who Should Use This Application

Only those required to file or receive secure files with the Ohio Department of Insurance. This requires the Role of Contributor.

A Contributor has permission to:

  • Upload documents
  • Delete documents they have uploaded
  • Download documents shared with them by the Administrator of that area

Login Link

Please click here to log in to the Secure File Transfer application.

Password Help

Please click here if you know your user id but have forgotten your password.

Do You Need An Account?

ODI approves and creates accounts for this application. There is no other way to get an account for this application.  In order to receive a new account with Contributor access you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must first have a Gateway account. To request one for the first time go here and select access to the Secure File Transfer application.
  • If you misplaced or forgot your user id and/or password information, contact the ODI at webmaster@insurance.ohio.gov. If you meet all the conditions described above, please use the contact email below to request a new account. You will be contacted by ODI personnel.

Contact Information

For questions about your Annual Report of Ohio Health Insurance Business filings or if you need assistance with your account information, please email webmaster@insurance.ohio.gov.