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Title Insurance Non-Resident Individual
Title Insurance Non-Resident Individual

​Important Reminder: Annual Title Reviews must be submitted each January. Be sure to read the Annual Title Filings Instructions for more information.   
Title insurance means insuring, guaranteeing, or indemnifying owners of real property or others interested in real property against loss or damage suffered by reason of liens or encumbrances upon, defect in, or the unmarketability of the title to the real property, guaranteeing, warranting, or otherwise insuring by a title insurance company the correctness of searches relating to the title to real property, or doing any business in substance equivalent to any of the foregoing.

Title Insurance Marketing Representative ("TIMR") is a person who markets goods and services associated with the issuance of title insurance and is sponsored by a licensed title agent or agency.  A TIMR may solicit and perform marketing services only on behalf of the appointing agent.  A TIMR may not do any of the following: (a) Quote filed title insurance rates or premiums; (b) Discuss insurance coverage, benefits or limits except that the marketing representative may, in general terms, explain the basic differences between an owner's policy and a lender's policy; (c) Make recommendation, provide advice about, or negotiate title insurance; (d) Execute or issue a title insurance policy, binder or commitment; (e) Determine insurability; or (f) Hold oneself out as a representative of a Title Insurance Company.

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