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Emerging Products Toolkit
Emerging Products Toolkit

Today’s world – and as a result, the insurance industry – continues to evolve at a staggering pace, driven by new technologies to deliver services, advances in the use of data, and demand for coverage in brand new areas. The regulatory environment must keep up.

The Ohio Department of Insurance is working to ensure that our regulatory framework is flexible enough to allow insurers to innovate and provide the best service possible to their customers, all while providing the highest-level consumer protections for Ohioans. 

Emerging Products Contact

If you are a startup looking to operate in the insurance industry or an existing insurer exploring innovative new products, the Ohio Department of Insurance is willing to discuss your ideas and questions on your timeline, including before you would need to file products with the department. And while we cannot offer legal advice, we can help you understand Ohio’s regulatory requirements and navigate all necessary processes to ensure that your ideas can get to market as soon as responsibly possible.

Contact us with any questions or to start utilizing the department’s emerging products initiative.

Ohio Department of Insurance
50 West Town Street, Suite 300
Columbus, OH 43215


How It Works

The Emerging Products Initiative is guided by the Ohio Department of Insurance’s mission to “provide consumer protection through education and fair but vigilant regulation while promoting a stable and competitive environment for insurers.” We can work with your company early in the process to vet ideas, provide guidance on navigating the department’s review process, and help remove unnecessary obstacles while ensuring that consumers are protected. The following four key principles drive the department’s approach to emerging products:

  • Maintaining the highest-level consumer protection;
  • Consumers expect and benefit from the robust competition, lower costs, and choice that comes from properly-regulated innovation;
  • The regulatory framework should keep pace with changes in the market and consumer expectations; and
  • This initiative should work collaboratively with existing insurance companies as well as entrepreneurs and others to foster innovation that benefits consumers.